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The Couch Gymnast held a poll for the the world’s prettiest leotards and the world’s worst leotards.  Judging from the results the people responded to that poll are very conservative. A boring plain two colors leotard (Cherry Blossom) was rated as a “pretty” one and any leotard with more than two colors or some non-trivial patterns was rated as “bad taste” or “Nineties”. It seems that artistic gymnastics leotards and rhythmic gymnastics leotards still represent two separate worlds.


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Eugenia KANAEVA at the Rhythmic Gymnastics ball final at the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung last July.

Pay attention to the blue rhythmic gymnastics leotards and how it matches the color of the ball. Also notice the glitters from the many crystals attached to the leotard.

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New designs of custom made competition gymnastics leotards became available today at http://www.unique-leotards.com


The designs are more creative and colorful and complex than typical gymnastics leotards since they follow styles usually found only in rhythmic gymnastics leotards.

The leotards are made-to-measure and as an option it is possible to add Swarovski crystal in order to get a “glitter” effect.

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